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Chat Champ: Game info buddy. Reinvented mini-golf puzzle physics with a twist of custom item placements to create your own path. With an easy to use level editor, level/social sharing, ranking system, 20+ diff blocks and a lot more!

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Mini-golf reinvented! Putt the ball into the hole - plus you can use extra items onto the course to help improve your par & awesomeness scores.

  • Top-down physics powered by box2d

  • Unique graphical designs and engaging animations

  • Dynamic shadows of moving/rotating objects

  • Non-obtrusive¬†in-game tutorials (with animated demonstrations)

  • 20+ different and unique types of blocks with varying shapes, properties & behaviors

  • Level editor & sharing to encourage players to be create and expand the experience themselves

  • Unique ranking system for high scorers spread through out the game

  • Promotes social sharing¬†through fb, twitter and an image capture/saving level solutions/results

Controls: Mouse & keyboard (optional, for shortcuts)

  1. Grab 'n drag extra items onto the course to set your own path

  2. Grab 'n drag the ball.. set the right power/direction and release.

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