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Chat Champ: You are playing Frozen Imps Play Full Screen Play Full Screen
You: I know
Chat Champ: Game info buddy. Shoot at the blocks to remove them and make the frozen imps fall into the fire

Chat Champ: Here are instructions on how to play this game



Hack for fgl: Click on the button "d"  to jump to the next level. 

1.There are cannons of three different colours which unfreeze the blocks of the respective colour.

2.If you unfreeze all the blocks of one colour on the level they disappear.

3.Every second shot at the block freezes it again.

4.Mind that the bullets change colour if they strike the two-coloured blocks.

5.You have to make all the frozen imps fall into the fire in the bottom of the screen.

6.Be careful not to drop them in the ice!

7.If you have troubles with the level click the solution button.

8.All instructions are in game.

9.Mochiscore is in game.

5.10.2010 -little update.

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