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You: I know
Chat Champ: Game info buddy. Develop and defend your island through the ages. Upgrade your weapons and call upon powerful acts of god to vanquish the invading army.

Chat Champ: Here are instructions on how to play this game
Build and defend your Empire Island through the ages.

Build up your population to raise taxes.

Choose 30 different types of construction unit including several types of weapon, ranging from mud-ball towers and cannons through to advanced futuristic weapons such as lasers and missiles.

Place defences including mines, explosive balloons and tesla coils. Call upon powerful Acts of God, such as Lightning, Tsunamis and Firestorms.

Fend off ever more advanced enemies, starting from simple wooden boats, right up to alien invaders.

Upgrade almost everything! One of the most advanced physics-based strategy games available.

Controls: Mouse to build and aim weapons. Keys to scroll + several keyboard shortcuts.

Game Guide available at - video guide and more tips here:
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