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DriftRunners is a professional quality car racing game with beautiful handling, great graphics, and fantastic replayability.

Score points for smashing through barriers and other objects.

Use your drifting technique to race like a pro (and to score bonus points)


Simple 3 button controls. Left and Right arrows to steer, and Up arrow to accelerate.
Compete against other cars in races of three laps.


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This game has many different play modes to keep the players coming back for more.


* Stores the player's career. Player can return to events to try to increase their score.
* 6 unlockable events over six track layouts.
* Each event has 5 challenges.
* Interesting challenges which make you play the game in completely different ways.
* Single overall score - This adds up your best scores from each event.
* Event scores - store the best score for each event.
* Race times - Keep track of lap and race times for each event.
* Money to collect on each track.
* Spend money on upgrades for acceleration, speed, handling and weight (!)
* Some challenges are only completable with upgrades. this is another incentive to return to earlier levels.

* Bonus points for hitting objects whilst drifting - adds a whole new dimension to the game.
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