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Chat Champ: Game info buddy. Bad guys, guns and bullets mixed with an addicting chain reaction gameplay with 7 different types of units, 5 terrains and 30 levels! Awesome graphics and animation! First Impressions Ave. 8.35!

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Trailerrnrnrn rnrnrnUPDATErnMouse cursor appears after release of main bullets, cleaner UI.rnMore balanced levelsrnNote to sponsors: If you find any of the descriptions not suitable for your audience, we can change it anytime!rnXrossfire mixes the popular tried and true one click chain reaction game with great graphics and animation of terrorists in a fictional place of Arcadea.rn- First Impressions Ave. 8.35!rn- Features 7 units with their own distinctionrn- 30 challenging levels!rn- 5 terrains, 12 levels are walled with bouncing enemies.rn- Awesome animation!rn- Animated blood splatterrn- Upbeat rock soundtrack, crisp SFXrn- High replayability by achieving gold medals in each level and topping the highscore.rn- Scores and Medals autosave and loadrn- Addicting gameplayrn- A surprise hostage on the last level!rnScreenshots:rnrnrn
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