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Chat Champ: Game info buddy. Cute, cartoony collect 'em up, inspired by Katamari. Featuring our very own Mexican Snowball. And Penguins.

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Snowball Sanchez is a 3D collect em up inspired by Namco's infamous Katamari Damacy. It's set in a Snowy Wonderland with 10 big levels and free roam elements.

Roll around and collect everything from Donuts to Snowboading Elephants, Pizzas to Penguins, and Giraffes on Skis.

1) Accessible gameplay and style, with Bronze, Silver and Gold Medal system per level.

2) 5000 collectable items, including 150 unique items with 100% original artwork.

3) Cool, quirky soundtrack featuring 4 unique tracks.

4) 10 levels with progression system and unlockable, free roam, endless mode.

5) Amazing 3D engine with great performance even on notebooks, maximising the accessibility of the game. Powered by my proprietary Rumblesushi3D engine and physics.

Controls - Arrow Keys or WASD to move.

The aim of the game is to collect smaller items first in order to grow bigger and bigger, in order to collect large items.


Joe Raffman


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