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You: I know
Chat Champ: Game info buddy. Chicks can't get enough of the wonderful new taste of Sticky Chicky Chew Chew! But they'd better watch out for its explosive effects.

Chat Champ: Here are instructions on how to play this game
Chickaboom is a casual explosive chain reaction game with a sticky twist. Blow bubble gum up into the sky to stick those chicks! Blow little bubbles for faster movement, or large ones to clump the chicks together.rnrnThere are 20 levels of chicky action. Hold down the mouse button to blow a bubble. The shorter the hold, the smaller (and faster) the bubble. The longer the hold, the bigger (and slower) the bubble. Make the bubbles stick to the chicks. After a short delay the chick will blow its own bubble and fall out of the sky. Pop ALL of the chicks to complete the level. You can release as many bubbles as you like, but watch your AIR levels - once you've run out of air that is it. You get a "Level Aced" bonus if you manage to pop all the chicks with just one bubble.
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